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The life and work of Steve Jobs

Feb 24, 1955- Steve is born
College student Joanne Schieble gives birth in San Francisco to a boy who is adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, Calif., and named Steven Paul Jobs.
Jan 1, 1976- First Apple computer is built
College dropouts Steve Jobs, 21, and Steve Wozniak, 26, build the first Apple computer in a garage in Los Altos, Calif. The pair raise $1,300 by selling a van and two calculators and launch Apple as a company on April Fools’ Day.
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Jan 1, 1977- The first Apple II computers go on sale
The first Apple II computers go on sale for $1,295 and become an instant hit. The Apple II is the first computer to display color images and the first to come with a keyboard, and in 1979 it becomes the first to offer a "killer app" – Visicalc – a spreadsheet program.
Dec 12, 1980- Apple Computer goes public.
Apple Computer goes public, selling all 4.6 million shares at $22 each within minutes.
Jan 19, 1983- Lisa bombs
Apple’s Lisa computer, named after Jobs’ oldest daughter, bombs, perhaps because of its $10,000 price. Jobs brings in John Sculley as president of the company.
Jan 24, 1984- The MacIntosh is introduced
The Macintosh, which Jobs envisions as "the people's computer," is introduced. It incorporates key elements of the Lisa such as a mouse and features a revolutionary graphical interface. Apple airs its legendary "1984" advertisement during the Super Bowl, and sells 70,000 Macs in the first 100 days.
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Sep 17, 1985- Boardroom Drama
With Mac sales stagnating and the company wracked by infighting, Sculley ousts Jobs in a dramatic boardroom coup.
Feb 7, 1986- NExT Computer & Pixar
Jobs founds Next Computer and buys George Lucas’ computer graphics division, which eventually becomes Pixar Animation Studios.
Oct 15, 1993- Apple Board Ousts President John Sculley
Apple's board ousts company president John Sculley for not paying enough attention to day-to-day operations.
Sep 16, 1997- Jobs back at Apple
Jobs is named Apple’s “interim” chief executive.
Jul 21, 1999- iBook
Apple brings out the iBook laptop
Nov 10, 2001- Introduction of the iPod
Apple transforms the way people consume music with the introduction of the iPod. More than 300 million iPods have been sold since.
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Apr 28, 2003- Apple launches iTunes
Apple launches the iTunes music store; within a week it sells a million songs. Says Jobs "There is no question in my mind that history will write that this was a major milestone in the evolution of the real digital music age."
Jan 1, 2004- Surgery
Jobs undergoes surgery for pancreatic cancer.
Jun 29, 2007- Apple introduces iPhone
Apple revolutionizes the cellphone industry by introducing the iPhone. More than 73 million have been sold since.
Apr 5, 2009- Liver Transplant
Jobs gets a liver transplant, takes six months off work.
Jan 27, 2010- Apple introduces the iPad
Apple introduces the iPad, selling more than 7 million of them. The company surpasses Microsoft as the largest technology company by stock market value.
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Jan 17, 2011- Medical Leave
Jobs announces he will be taking another medical leave, for unspecified reasons.
Aug 24, 2011- Jobs Steps Down
Jobs steps down as Apple’s chief executive.
Oct 5, 2011- Steve Jobs passes away
Jobs dies after a long battle against pancreatic cancer. He was 56.