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James Dean and his girlfriend LuLu were here. We really thought this old building was cool and the sandwiches are GREAT!!!

Apr 17 2012
Hesse Building

I remember when this building was a men's clothier downstairs and housed the FM Area Arts Assoc. on the second floor. I would like to find out more of the buildings uses over time and learn what it was built for in the first place. If anyone has further information please post it at this "Guestbook" site.

-Jay Schroeder
Apr 14 2012
Pendemonium Building

At todays present day location of Pendemonium, I remember when it was the Ft. Madison Credit Bureau owned by Dalene Allen. She lived in the apartment over the business. What is the historic timeline of this building dating back to it's construction???

-Jay Schroeder
May 18 2012
Blackhawk memorial

I am doing a school assingment on Chief Blackhawk and was curious to know if you have any particular resources that you would recommend for reference??