Thinking of you!

Thinking of you!


There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, especially now as I ride my bike I imagine you riding next to me and I know you would call and say let's go for a ride. I still have not been able to delete my text messages that I have the last time you text me to go for a bike ride. I miss you every day terribly and I love you

When a parent loses a child,

When a parent loses a child, it is a long & emotional process.

It starts on the day the child passes away & only ends when the parents join them.

Thinking of you again!

I think of you every time the pager go's off!

*miss you*

We miss you, life goes on but there is still a empty spot in all of our hearts. I think about you everyday and it all still feels so unreal, I wish it was.We love you and will keep you in our hearts forever ♥