• Mainstreet Facade Grant Program $500,000.00
    Making good use of our budget will help promote interactive tourism throughout old Fort Madison.
  • Black Hawk A Sauk Leader
    "It has pleased the Great Spirit that I am here today. I have eaten with my white friends. It is good. A few summers ago I was fighting you. I may have done wrong. But that is past. Let it be forgotten. Rock River Valley was my beautiful country. I loved my villages, my cornfields and the home of my people. I fought for them. They are now yours. I was a great warrior. Now I am old and poor. Keokuk has been the cause of my downfall. I have looked upon the Mississippi since I was a child. I love the great river. I have dwelt upon its banks from the time I was an infant, I look upon it now and I am sad. I shake hands with you. As it is my wish, I hope we are now friends. I may not see you again. Farewell".
  • Zachary Michael Gamache
    Quote from Zak's Senior Picture "Live like you were dying"
  • Dick & Dorothy Northup